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1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background;

                       A:  Well, after my studies in 2012, I decided to leave my country (France) for something new, something more exciting. So I bought my ticket for Australia, not knowing that this would be the beginning of eighteen months of travels around the world. After having visited many countries, met amazing people and realized some of my dreams, I’m now back in France since a month, ready to leave again next month for good, in Malaysia.

2                   You are an actor.  Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry or did you want to do something else when you were younger?

                       A:  Actually I’ve always wanted to become an actress. Since I’m eight. I’ve always imagined myself shooting movies. I’m lucky that my family always supported me in my dream.

3                   Is anyone else in your family or your relations in entertainment?

                       A:    I’m the only one in my family who wanted to work in the entertainment industry. But that’s just in my family. In my relations though, almost everybody is in the industry: my friends (mostly musicians and singers), my friend (Jason Mraz’s keyboard player) and also some famous film directors and producers in Sydney.

4         Are you professionally trained?

                A:   I wouldn’t say that I’m professionally trained, but I did play theater since many years and performed on stage quite a lot. That’s my training.

5                   Do you have a manager or do you represent yourself?

                  A:    I do represent myself for now - I’m actually not considering myself as a real actress; I do have a foot in the entertainment industry, but it’s not anymore my goal to succeed in the industry. If I do, I’ll be happy. But I’m aware of the difficulties of becoming “someone” and I don’t want to lose my precious time, trying to make a life out of it. I know who I am and I’m already someone for the people who love me. That’s more than enough for me.

6                   What have you acted in?

                  A:     My first TV was at the age of thirteen. It was a kind of TV show for kids, where you have to explain what you want to do when you’re grown up.

After that, I did several TV shows and some short films, advertising and still theater.

I stopped just before leaving for Australia, where I met influent producers, who have several acting projects for me.

7                   Have you worked with any ‘big’ names?

                  A:     Not yet - let’s hope that it will be in the future ! I hang with big names more than I work with them.

8                   What and/or who are your inspirations?

                  A:    LIFE  and LOVE are my biggest inspirations. I love life so much. My travels and the people I meet are great inspirations as well, I’m so grateful for that.

9                   What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

                  A:    I’m never bored. If I have spare time and I make sure I do, I always have one or two projects to work on, a place to visit or new people to meet. I do play guitar and sing, write songs and books, dance on my favourite music or grow my own food. I love doing and learning new things, so I switch on my curiosity button and follow my will and feelings. As simple as that !

10             Have you ever been bullied?

                  A:    No, never. Fortunately, I never was, even if I was a lonely child.

11             Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

                 A:     Not really. I don’t really know what is the situation in the other countries than mine, about bullying, but in France, we need more action. That’s a very sad problem, that affects the entire life of people that have been bullied. I feel very touched and concerned by this problem.

12             What further do you feel the above could do to try to either reduce bullying hugely, or eliminate it altogether?

                 A:     I think we should make more campaigns about it - on TV, internet, everywhere, to encourage people to do something about it, teachers to be more careful and parents to listen and protect their bullied children.

13             On a personal level, what would you like to do to help in the fight against bullying?

                 A:        I’ll do anything that is possible for me to do. Tell me to go to every school of Australia and I’ll do it ! J

14             What is on your agenda for the rest of 2014?

                 A:        Like I said before, I’m going to Malaysia for work. I expect to stay there, if everything is fine, for many years. So I’m now starting a new chapter in my life.

15             Do you have any special messages that you would like to share with the rest of the world?

                 A:       LOVING, GIVING and SHARING, that’s what I believe in. I would like the world to know and realise that it is the most important thing in life, to be HAPPY and FREE.

16             Is there anything further you would like to add to this?

                 A:       All is said !

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