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1      Please tell us a little bit about your background;

        A:   -    I am a mother of three children and married to Ben (an accountant) for nine years. I was raised in a stepfamily and have Dextrocardia Situs Inversus, which means my organs are reversed (heart and all internal organs are on opposite sides). It is a very rare condition due to being a twin and the embryo splitting creating me. I have a brother twelve months older and like I said a twin sister. I'm 36 years old, and have two part time jobs with modelling/acting on the side. I was a swimmer as a teen and was like all swimmers, solidly built. I suffered anorexia from fifteen to seventeen, getting down to a life threatening 42kgs before my recovery.

2     You are a model and an actor.  Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you want to do something else when you were younger?

   A:    I have wanted to model since I was fifteen - however, life got in the way and I moved into administration and book keeping.  At 36 my three children have all started school and being that I am slim, I decided to go chase my dream of modelling.

3   Are any of your family members and/or relations in 'showbiz'?

     A:    None of my family members are in the show biz business, they have more traditional jobs eg; my sister is a personal trainer, my brother is an operations manager at a transport company.

4    What and/or who are your inspirations?

     A:    My two main inspirations come from Mother Teresa and Angie Harmon. Mother Teresa was a kind, selfless and forgiving woman who spent her entire life in the service of others. Angie Harmon is an inspiration to me to lose my weight after my children and follow my dream into the entertainment/arts industry. She is a stunning yet humble women who has talents in both modelling and acting.

5  What have you appeared and acted in?

     A:      I have appeared in a few amateur roles speaking and non speaking in TV commercials and have a lot of booked short films coming along. I have been taking part in numerous photo shoots and posing for paintings. I have yet to get a main role, however I have been signed up with Gilchrist Management who are renowned for landing great roles for their clients.

6   Have you worked with any 'big' names?

    A:        I have not worked with any big names, but look forward to it in the future, as the celebrities I have met have been wonderful to spend time with ie; Mel Gibson met at Sydney show as he was into cattle and we were breeding and showing them at the time.

7   Are you professionally managed or do you represent yourself?

    A:     I have been signed up to three agencies, but being only a recent advancement, I'm still being processed into their systems. I'm taking part in a modelling course through Tanya Powell Modelling to ensure I master all aspects of the entertainment industry. Even though I am getting paid and unpaid work on my own at the moment, I believe it's important to be properly represented to break into the professional world.

8   Have you ever been bullied?

    A:     I was bullied at home and at school as a child. The main topic at home was being called tubby, broad acre, being told I needed a Clydesdale to support my butt and things along those lines. I don't believe there was any malicious spirit in it, however it did do it's damage, hence then anorexia. Primary school I was bullied by the boys in my year level, I would walk out the door and cop a bag in my face, or be pushed up against walls. My teenage years were spent being teased on the school bus for having a rich step father and being spoiled although we were raised very strictly and not spoiled at all. We were taught a solid work ethic and that one must work for what they want. To this day I still endure criticism and back stabbing, for having an eating disorder, or being too thin, or wasting my time going into modelling, or anything else of interest whether true or not. Sadly this comes from the people who are supposed to love and have my back, but this is not the case. I now know how to switch off and believe in myself and my abilities and not let other people's insecurities be pushed onto me.

9  Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

   A:    No I do not believe enough is being done by schools or the government, and with teenage suicide rates peaking, I believe it is something that needs to be addressed seriously and urgently.

10  What further do you feel the above should do to either decrease this problem hugely, or try to eliminate it altogether?

    A:      Stricter punishments within schools and within homes need to be reinforced with serial offenders receiving counselling and offenders should be made to help the victim by somehow making amends to the wronged party.

   My youngest sibling was being bullied and when backed into a corner, he bit the offender.  I made him go to his teacher and confess his wrong doing and I instructed her to double his punishment which I also did at home.

    It's not to be tolerated...

11 On a personal level, what would you like to do to help in the fight against bullying?

   A:    I would do ANYTHING to help fight against the growing trend of bullying in every form - whether it be at school, online or even within families.

12  Have you done any media interviews?

       A:     I have as a child and adult for magazines, newspapers and TV in relation to my medical condition as a human interest piece.

13  What is on your agenda for the rest of 2014?

      A:     My agenda is to build my career, get my face out there and continue to raise my children (who have been victims of bullying) to grow in intelligence, confidence and skills in all areas of living.

14  Is there anything further that you would like to add?

      A:      Yes, I believe that the issue with bullying begins when a child holds insecurities, issues, fears or disillusions caused by various situations like an insecure home life, divorce, separation, rejection,  body image issues and many more. This breeds anger and resentment towards those they see with these qualities and most children not knowing the correct tools, begin the cycle of bullying. If this is addressed, the cycle may improve.

15  Do you have a special message you would like to share with the world?

      A:     My message would be a simple one. Love others and love yourself. Treat everyone with respect and never let someone steal your self worth!


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