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1   Please tell us a little bit about your background;

     A:  I grew up in the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand and have since moved to the Bay of Islands - I love the lifestyle and am a real water baby.  I grew up with a whole farmyard of animals and spent all my time outdoors.

2   You are an actor and a model.  Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry or did you aspire to be something else when you were growing up?

     A:  I am actually studying education, to become a secondary school English teacher.  I love acting and modelling and have since a young age, so I have started walking the path towards this also.  Hopefully I can follow all my dreams at once and help some of my students break into the entertainment/modelling industries too.

3  Is anyone else in your family or relations in entertainment?

     A:  Not that I know of.

4  Who and/or what are your inspirations?

    A:  I live in a really beautiful place and I am inspired by it every day!  I love quotes and sayings, I love reading inspirational quotes and they always make me feel good.

5  Are you professionally managed or do you represent yourself?

    A:  I represent myself.  I'm just branching into the industry and there are no agencies in the remote area I live in.

6  As an actor, what have you appeared in?

    A:  Just a few short films, plays and YouTube videos - nothing big yet but I have big aspirations!

7   Have you worked beside any well-known names?

      A:   Not really - although some of the actors I have worked alongside are absolutely fabulous actors - and I can see them becoming well-known!

8  As a model, what have you modelled in?

     A:  I have modelled for some excellent photographers - I have some great photos and I feel very lucky!

9  Are you professionally trained in both skills?

          A:  I did drama at school but never did it at university level.  I've been trained by photographers for modelling - I guess I just kind of dived into the industry!

10  What do you enjoy doing in your 'spare' time?

      A:  I'm an absolute water baby - I spend all my time boating, fishing, diving, going to the beach, swimming and doing watersports!  I love the ocean and spend all my time around the sea.  Not that I get much these days!  

11             Have you ever been bullied?

     A:  I was bullied in primary school and I really don't think it's something any child should have to go through.

12             Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

      A:  I think it's a really tough problem to address.  I don't think that the authorities take bullying seriously enough - bullying is a serious issue in our society and can lead to many psychological problems.

13             What further do you feel the above could do to either decrease this problem hugely, or eliminate it altogether?

     A:  I wish I had the solution - I think it comes down to the parents - it's really important for them to know if their child becomes a bully and stop it.  Believe it or not, kids that bully usually do it because they have problems of their own that they aren't sure how to deal with!  So if parents could get to the bottom of those problems perhaps their child would stop being a bully, stopping the problem that is bullying at its roots.

14             On a personal level, what would you like to do to  help in the fight against bullying?

                  A:  Just be there for everyone.  It's a drop in the ocean but if we all offered our support and stand up for people when we see them getting bullied, the world would be a much better place.  Bullying is not limited to schools - it happens in the workplace, everywhere and it's never okay.  When I become a teacher I hope to support all my students and make bullying non-existent in the school I teach in.

15             What advice would you give to someone who is currently experiencing this nightmare?

                  A:  Talk to someone!  Bullies have no power if their taunts don't affect you.  Tell a friend, teacher or family member and stand up to the bullies, tell them what they're doing is not okay.  Bullying is not your fault and it can be stopped!  Things always get better!

16             What is on your agenda for the rest of 2014?

                  A:  Spending time with friends and family, spending time on the ocean and progressing in acting and modelling, acting in some more short films and do some shoots with some great local photographers.

17             Do you have anything further that you would like to add?

                  A:  Bulling is an issue that is close to my heart and I just want everyone to know, if you're being bullied, it's not your fault.  It really isn't.  It says more about the bully than it does about you!  Everyone is so special and we all have a place in the world.  Don't give up!

18             Do you have any special messages you would like to share with the world?

                  A:  'Life is like the ocean.  Whether it is calm, rough or rigid, it is always beautiful'.



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