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That said, this amazing lady, Tayo Irvine Hendrix, has actually been around for many years.  If her surname sounds familiar, there is good reason for that – Tayo is the daughter of Jimi.

            I have recently had the wonderful privilege and honour to have been able to interview Tayo.  This very down to earth lady seems to be extremely genuine to say nothing of very caring for people, for her fellow humans.  While her father was one of the world’s top entertainers in his hey-day, Tayo has not abused her origins at all, to further her career.  Instead she has set out on her own, by herself, using her own resources and talent to get to where she is today. 

        So, where is Tayo today – what does she do?  In her own words and with a smile:

          More than you could ever imagine.  I am a healer, musician, shaman and consultant, but to see exactly what I do you need to go to my website – there are not enough lines herewww.tayoirvinehendrix.comIn a nutshell I help people to live their best life through understanding their journey.  I bridge ancient healing methods and modern culture, providing healing for the mind, body and spirit through metaphysical growth and knowledge.  I teach positive thought, action and outcome through the Tayo Healing Programme.  As an experienced healer and counsellor to a wide variety of individuals, often in the ‘public eye’, I am recognised for merging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into modern living.  So what do I do?  I teach people to live a complete life’.

         Tayo describes her background as being in the arts.  In short, she loves healing, music and philanthropy.  It seems that her love of music kicked in at just three years of age when she was given a drum by her father.  This love continued into her youth and, guided by her parents, she played various instruments, ranging from drums to vocals.  Tayo also mentions that she has been blessed with the privilege that from the age of sixteen she has worked with some of the most prestigious artists of her time.
      When asked what it is like to be the offspring of one of the most famous entertainers in the world, Tayo describes this as: ‘challenging and rewarding to be in the arts – full stop.’  And as she stresses, it really does not matter who your parents are – very correctly she adds that: ‘we are not defined by our parents no matter how iconic they may be or may not be.  We are defined by the choices we make and the footsteps we take’.  How true.
      While it is universally known who her father,  Jimi, is, Tayo describes that her mother was a counsellor who encouraged her to develop this myriad of healing disciplines whilst also encouraging her daughter’s musical abilities.  Tayo says she is that she is because of her strength.

       When asked if she ever wishes that she was not born into such a public life, Tayo answers very simply and sensibly:  ‘I believe the mind builds the physical result – that you can take any condition and make it work effectively with understanding and communication.  I believe life is an ongoing lesson from which we are constantly learning – we are both teacher and pupil – as we teach so shall we learn’.

       When asked if they have had easy lives to date, many offspring of celebrities have answered that they have not.  Tayo simply answered that there is no such thing as an ‘easy life’.  She is also an author and her book:  ‘The Healer’, tells the remarkable story of her clients’ lives as well as her own early life, celebrating what it is to live your life to the full, irrespective of what is thrown at you.  Her book is due out soon.

       Of her musical abilities, Tayo’s first album is out and she feels that if she was choosing to ‘use’ her late father’s name to help her own career, she could and would have appeared on Breakfast TV along with a thousand other programs to date.  However, she has chosen not to do that – she is very definitely walking her own path and has never taken that easy option.  In her words:  ‘I am ME – I am sure BOTH my parents understand my footsteps.’  And indeed, while she has met many famous people throughout her life to date, when asked if she would like to name a few she simply answers that this is not who she is.  She believes that privacy is more important than celebrity.  She does say that she has met many ‘famous people’ throughout her life but her message is simply that:  ‘Those who are spiritually grown see past celebrity’.

        Tayo’s website includes an online shop which sells such items as Tayo’s Meditation & Relaxation CD, ‘Essential’ Aura Spray and ‘Tayo Crystal Elixir Preservation Spray’ among others.  To view her online shop and to purchase, please go to:  There is even a ‘TaYouth Foundation’ which is Tayo’s way of giving something back to the community.  And of course, the ‘Tayo Healing Programme’.  The charity based foundation reflects Tayo’s mission to encourage young people to live life to the full and all that implies. 

         When asked about her aspirations and dreams for the future, Tayo’s response was crystal clear:  ‘To live life complete’.

       Tayo’s album:  ‘EXPERIENCE this’ is out now and available from itunes and all online stores.

      And in summary, her message to the world is:  ‘To live your life to the full, no matter what is thrown at you.’ 

Story Source:  Lannah Sawers-Diggins and Tayo Irvine Hendrix

                           Tayo Irvine Hendrix



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