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1          You appear to be a pretty multi-talented lady.  Please tell us about that

            A:  Well that’s a compliment - however I like to think I can handle almost anything and give it all 100%

2          Have you always had an interest in the entertainment industry? 

            A:   Yes always - my late Mum Eva and my late Dad Benjamin used to tell me I was born singing and that I used to do the Hand Jive in my pram. There was always music in the family home - we all sang and all doing our party pieces at family get togethers.

3          Please tell us a little about your background.  Are or were your parents in the entertainment industry?  Siblings

            A:   My Mum Eva was a great writer - she wrote poetry but not what you would expect; she wrote poetry in a way that a regular person would speak and always with a lot of comedy and emotion.  My Dad Benjamin, no, he was a London Taxi Driver.  My maternal grand parents were very musical and my papa Sam was from America and his family were in the entertainment business.  In fact my great uncle Joe Harris, was an Artist's Agent, and he looked after Jimmy Durante, Al Jolson and many more. My grandmother Sarah used to sing and her sister Esther used to play and sing jazz - she was great and entertained all the British and American soldiers stationed here during WW2. So I guess you could say my path was destined. I was the youngest child - I had 4 brothers who all loved music. One of my brothers was also in the music industry - he was head of promotions at 'EMI' and later went on to run 'Rocket Records' for Elton John.  On my Dad's side, all the men were boxers - one a professional boxer called Pedlar Palmer, a world champion.

4          You have spent many years doing background vocals for other artists world wide.  Please tell us more.  

            A:   Well I was 16 or 17 when I started doing session work - I loved it - in studios and on stage; it was a great experience for a young girl - it taught me the ropes for the rest of my pro career.

5          You now own two music companies.  Please tell us how and why that has happened.

            A:   With my husband David Stevens, we decided to start a production company a few years back; we do our own projects plus for major labels and indie clients, we used to have to hire other recording studios - and then we decided to open our own studio.  It was really easy, as David was a great musician, arranger and producer, having also toured all over the world with a band called The Foundations, who had huge hits with “Build Me Up Buttercup”, “Baby Now That I Found You” and “In the Bad Bad Old Days”.  He had also had a lot of success with Big Up Jazz and another band called Bogaz.  So we knew what we were doing - it's not like we were entering into a business that we knew nothing about.

6          You are also a wife and mum and your husband is also in the entertainment industry.   As such, he is helping you to set out on your own?

            A:  No, I don’t think he is helping me - more encouraging me.  I have spent the last few years building our business and singing for other artists and doing productions with David.  I kinda left my own singing for me - on the sidelines.  It was actually David’s idea that I should make another record - he said:   “Why don't we make an album of all our favourite songs and you sing them”. To be honest I didn’t want to at first - I didn’t see a purpose, but David said:  “ You're crazy thinking like that - you’re a great singer.  We have the studio and the musicians - lets do it, even if it's only for us”.   So with that philosophy I agreed…

7          How were you ‘discovered’ and who discovered you? 

            A:   Well, I wouldn’t say I was discovered - but Mum took me for an audition - I was 12 years of age, and it was for husband and wife team Phil and Dorothy Solomans.  They were just starting the first indie record company in the UK called Major Minor Records and they were looking for artists to sign. They only signed 3 artists - one was Tom Jones, along with  Johnny Nash - and me.  That was my first record deal and I went on to have many more, with Decca, CBS, Carerra and lots more…

8.        While your current songs are covers, do you have aspirations to write your own lyrics eventually?

           A:  I have always composed music and written lyrics for myself and other artists - I also write jingles for TV adverts and radio stations.  I have had quite a few of my songs sung by others in shows and on their albums. In 2000 I also had a self penned top twenty hit in the club charts called “You're Givin' Me”.  I went under the name of “Priva”.

9          Who and what are your inspirations?

            A:   My Mum and Dad - they raised me with love and music, great food and music, great family life and music (ha ha).  Being serious, Mum, Dad, my children, nature and the human race.  I think it's important to any human being in any any walk of life, to have been lucky enough, like me, to have come from such a strong family, who taught me such great morals and principles - and more than that, taught me to love and respect every human being and treat everyone in a way that I would want to be treated. Musically I was inspired by Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Bee Gees.

10       Both your businesses handle some very well known names in the industry.  How does it feel to work with such people?

          A:   Its great, it makes me feel that I have respect from my peers, for them to want me to work with them.  It means I have done my homework and got my Gold Stars. However it doesn’t matter to me whether a client is famous or a newcomer, they all get my experience and talent and of course my respect.

11       You have also lived all over the world.  Please tell us more about that.

            A:  Well - don’t know about lived, but I have toured all over the place, which has taken me to many places around the world; however I have lived in Paris, France and in Spain - and stayed a long time in Nashville when I worked for CBS.

12       At one stage you were signed to the BBC as one of a three piece girl backing group – one of the other members being Miriam Stockley.  How did you enjoy that?

           A:   I was under contract to the BBC as part of the BBC Orchestra for 3 years - I loved it and of course loved Miriam, it was Miriam who got me the gig - she was the best there ever was,and always booked all the session singers for everything.  We met when I was 18 at a recording session; she liked my vocals and we got on like a house on fire - from that day forward I worked with Miriam all the time….. Miriam lives in Florida now with her husband Rod.  A lovely couple - and their children.

13       What was your very first hit?  How old were you when you had this?

           A:  Well, as a solo artist I never had a top twenty hit record till I was a mother of two, that was the club hit as “Priva” - and also I had a hit album in the French charts - no 5 when I was signed to 'Carrera' records.  BUT my voice is on over 1000s of other hit records….

14       What are your aspirations for the future?

           A:  To be healthy and happy for all my family to be well, because without our health we cannot do anything. Once we have good health, we can then have dreams and goals that we can achieve.

15       What is next in the pipeline for Caz Stevens?

           A:  David and I have a couple of new projects we're working on with new artists and of course finishing my own album.  I just hope that I always have the desire to make great music.

16       Do you have a message that you would like to reach to the world with?

            A:  Just to believe in yourself - nothing's impossible as long as you believe.

Links:      'Down Down Down' - lyrics and music by Caz for band Amariah;
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                 'Holding on for Spring' - first song with lyrics and music written by Caz for                       Portugese Richard Valentine for his album - backing vocals by Caz;                               '  Holding on for Spring' - second song with lyrics and music written by Caz for                  Portugese Richard Valentine for his album - backing vocals by Caz;
               'Let it Shine' - lyrics and music written by Caz for Amariah - they then asked                   her to become part of the band as lead vocalist.
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