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Meredith's star appears to be rising pretty quickly - it's hard trying to keep up with her.  But I am managing - just.  Here is her latest interview, all about her recent week of performances in Nashville along with the two movies that are being released.

1   Things appear to be really moving for you?  How do you feel?
   A:  Overwhelmed, humbled, happy, unreal and rewarding all at the same time.  The entertainment world can be drazy, but with my new anti-bullying song and music video ('The Game') I feel all the hard work is worth while, knowing I can help girls and boys struggling in their youth;

2   You have made two movies recently and both have been released.  Please tell us about both of them...

     A:    'Frappe Avec Amore', released October 25th in Florida Muvico pompano, was quite the experience.  Considering I was only flown down for a day, because 'Red Head Randy' (other film) was released on October 26th.  Both films are different - one is horror - 'Red Head Randy', the other is comedic - 'Frappe Avec Amore', but the experience of meeting such creative directors, producers and film teams are priceless and I can't compare the two;

3    You have also performed in Nashville.  How exciting.  Please tell us about that;

     A:     So much fun!  After being discovered last year with 'celebrity' my manager told me we had fans in Nashville and was just waiting for the best opportunity to fly out there.  Finally Stephen Kohl of Kohl Photography presented me with an interview and shoot, the same week Mad Donnas reached out to my manager, Rick Galvin.  They planned an action packed week in Nashville and the fans I met - it was an unforgettable experience.  It is really something to talk to someone face to face, instead of youtube comments.  Shout out to Nate Thompson, a fan of my music and also the city itself.  His passion inspires me to come back and meeting him was awesome.

4     What else is there about Nashville that you feel the world should know?

     A :     If you're a tourist, go down music row, or Broadway.  It's really Honkey Tonk, but makes Nashville so unique.  Also little quaint shops like Pony show Nashville are worth stopping by.  Makes your trip.

5     Do you have any more DVDs which have been released recently, or about to be?

      A:       Yes, 'The Game' music video.  This is the most rewarding thing of all, releasing this to kids and seeing the feedback it's getting. 

6     Your family must be extremely proud of you.  How does this all make them feel?

       A:        My Mom is proud.  Extremely proud.  She remembers my early days off Broadway - long rehearsals, long hours and most kids complained but she knew I loved being on the stage.  Despite bullying, I stayed in public school until 11th grade (for work) and learned how to handle struggles like that.  Because of being bullied, I am able to speak out today and I know my family couldn't feel more rewarded.

7     During your career, to date, have you met many celebrities?  How does that make you feel?

       A:      I try to seem cool but when I met my heroes backstage - Adam and Anthony (who played Rodger and Mark in 'Rent') I was shaking and Adam was like:  'Are you cold or something?'  I tried to play that off!!

8      It sounds like you are collecting quite a fan base.  Do you have your own fanclub?  FaceBook page?  What else do you have?

        A:       My fans are definitely being more and more pro-active.  Instagram is pretty cool because every time I log on, a new fan account wants me to follow them.  Again my only hope is that my message helps the right person and maybe even saves a life.  My instagram is:

9      What is next in the pipeline for Meredith O'Connor?

        A:       The 'Entertainer of the Year' award ceremony in December, concert November 6th and the tour starting December 11th, hitting Florida to Maine.

10   Who and what inspires you?

        A:      Fans, stories of them being bullied and concerts where I can meet them.  I love listening to the stories of how school is and knowing I helped someone feel less alone.   Lea Michele from 'Glee' as well, is an inspiration of mine.  A similar start that I had as a child and now uses her platform for good.

11   What are your hopes and aspirations for the future with your career?

        A:       After this year?  Well, I'm going to hope people like 'Red Head Randy', that my anti-bullying video finds the same or greater success that celebrity did and that the tour brings many more wonderful encounters with fans I hope to help!

12   Do have have a message that you are trying to teach the world through your talents?

          A:      Well, I like to be living proof that ignoring bullies and doing what you love regardless will come and save you in the long run.  Parents and teachers always ask how to handle specific scenarios but I think that if you help a kid continue to love themself and others through all the pain, they are going to be OK.

And, in parting, Meredith has this message:

'Nashville is a city you will fall in love with if you go in.  All music lovers - it is everything it is cracked up to be.  They are welcoming, kind and there's always something to do.  You have to check out downtown just to see the honkey tonk vibe of Nashville but also drive down music row - every major record label is there.  If you want to see vintage clothing, the Pony Show is a place where you can find cool stuff that really captures the spirit of Nashville.  I was grateful to the fans I ran into there and will be back soon!

Photos:  Provided by Meredith O'Connor

Link:       'The Game'
Meredith and Orlando Brown - her bass player

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