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1                        Please tell us a little about your family and background;

          A:          I have three brothers, two sisters, three nieces and three nephews.  I have a puppy name 'Bentely'.  My parents own personal care homes and we all work there as a family.   

2                   Your story mentions that you have suffered badly from bullying.  Did this occur throughout your entire school life?

           A:           Yes, I was bullied all the way up til my senior year.

3                        Do you have any idea why you were picked on?

           A:           Honestly, I don't know why I was picked on at all.

4                How were you chosen for the part in the anti-bullying film, ‘Red Head Randy’?

           A:        The way I was chosen for 'Red Head Randy' was - I got picked to go to an audition in NYC and a couple of days later they told us I was picked to be in 'Red Head Randy'.

5                   How would you see the film having an effect on people who are both bullies and being bullied?

           A:          I think 'Red Head Randy' will affect a lot of people when they watch it.  One way is the people being bullied will see they aren't alone and will overcome all the pain and be strong.  Second way is the bullies - they will, hopefully, get scared and realise that what they're doing is wrong - and stop.

6                   You are an actor – as your career progresses, would you like to add modelling, singing etc to your talents?

          A:          I would love to add modelling to my career.  I don't know how to sing or dance though.

7                       Why do you feel people should support the film?

            A:         I feel like people should support the film because it will get out there to all the kids that are bullied to let them know they aren't alone and to stand up for themselves to show them that they are just like everyone else.  Also to stop the bullies bullying people.

8                       What are your goals for the future?

            A:         My goals for my future are to inspire all the kids and help them overcome being bullied - to show them suicide isn't the way to go.

9                       What inspires you?

            A:         My biggest inspiration is GOD.  He has always been there for me and He's the one I always turn to.

10                 This is probably a ‘heavy’ question, but do you feel the government or the schools are mainly to blame for the bullying epidemic?

            A:         I honestly feel that school and government do not handle this at all.  If they did handle this it wouldn't be going on still and kids wouldn't be taking their own lives because of this.

11                    You have met some very famous people.  Please tell us about that.

            A:         I have met a lot of celebrities in my life time.  I am not going to name them all but here are a few.  I liked the Jonas Brothers since I was twelve - I saw them over fifteen times in concert and met them once.  I was recently going to see them and meet them on October 13th but the tour got cancelled.  It upset me very badly but looking to future to see them again.  Ian Somerhalder from 'Vampire Diaries' - my favorite actor ever.  Paul Wesley - 'Vampire Diaries' - a lot of other cast from 'Vampire Diaries' also.  Henry Winkler from 'Happy Days'.  Garry Allen, a country singer.  Tracy Byrd, a country singer.  Justin Beiber.  I was also recently picked to be in a movie with Victoria Justice from 'Victorious' on Nickleodeon.

12              Do you feel enough is being done to try to control this?  At least, to try to raise awareness?

            A:    I think the 'Red Head Randy' cast and crew are doing a lot for this awareness.

13              Has your self-confidence grown since you acted in this film?

           A:    Yes, my confidence has grown a lot after this movie - it has given me the ability to be around people.

14              How does your family feel?  Extremely proud, I would imagine?

        A:    My family is very proud of me in what I am doing and have become as a person.  They are always there by my side through everything - supporting me.

15          What else would you like to do to help in the fight against this hideous phenomenon?

            A:    I would like for 'Red Head Randy' to kick off (well) and have everyone dying to want to see it and have more fundraisers for bullying.

16              Do you have a message for other victims of bullying around the world?

           A:   My message for all the victims is stay strong, pray to God every day - if you're being bullied tell someone and you will get through it.  Trust in God.


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