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1  Please tell us a little bit about your background;

    A:       Australian born and raised.  Currently finishing up my stay here in Los Angeles where  I have spent the last six months attending a fulltime Hybrid Conservatory Acting course. Grew up in small towns and struggled my way through several high schools until I found my love for the arts, convinced my parents to let me start dancing as a sport then found my way into my first theatre production at the age of fifteen and since then spent the past four years working within shows and teaching within the arts.  Growing up was filled with many tribulations as I lost many family members in my young teens - this unfortunate factor served as a reminder (as I hope it does for you) that life is short and made for you to live it!

2  You are an actor, model musician and dancer.  Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you want to be something else when you were younger?

     A:      I have always been creative but not always known that this path was for me - but then again who knows what their purpose is at any young age?  I have found that as I have grown and experienced life in both good and bad in one way or another it is a sign that I have found my niche, in turn making me more confident in my choices to follow this insane business.

As a child I loved to read and draw - anything that would be a means of expression for me would be where you would find me. As I entered high-school I found the power in music and started to learn how to really train my voice and in doing so found joy in making my own sound and as I was the type of person who wrote all her feelings and thoughts down in my journals, song writing and mixing my sound with my words was the inevitable next step.  As well as this creative outlet, I started recreational dance classes in my early teens. Dance was always something I wanted to do even when I spent years prior trying to convince my Dad to let me go – finally I got myself to the back of a class and slowly but surely worked myself up the ranks. Studying several styles from ballet, contemporary, hiphop and commercial jazz. It wasn’t until my mid-teens that I started my journey in the theatrical acting, taking classes and then eventually finding my way into Australian theatre productions and coming from a classically trained background musical theatre came as an unbelievable blessing for me as it combined everything I loved.

As wonderful as having these experiences and outlets are, I grew up not knowing where or what I was meant to do. As most teenagers are unsure and aren’t as lucky to possess the courage to follow their talents as most – I think the thing to remind yourself is that you have your whole life to work out the logistics and carry the responsibility and your childhood is there for you to search yourself and find the things that bring you joy and happiness. Find them and you find yourself!

3  Is anyone else in your family and/or relations in the entertainment industry?

     A:            My family is filled with many inspiring souls but until I came along there wasn’t much involvement within the arts. My Dad owned his own manufacturing business that was passed to him by my Grandfather and my Mum works in finance. Including both these structured careers my aunts, uncles and siblings range from psychologists, teachers, hairdressers, chefs, labourers and careers within the police force or navy.  With that said, I have always lived in houses bursting with music! Although most of the adults I grew up with aren’t in show business I do have a super talented little sister who followed my footsteps and took dance classes right alongside me - we share the same love for the arts - she and I are two pees in a pod! I think even if you feel like you’re alone in your journey there is always a person feeling exactly the same, so in fact realizing this shows you that you’re not alone. Even though the odds may be against you if your passion and determination for your dreams fills you, with or without support you can do it!

4  Are you professionally trained in all your skills?

    A:       I have spent the majority of my life now training myself to harness my creativity and honing in my technique but in my honesty I don’t believe I can ever be so professionally trained that I no longer need training. I am currently in Los Angeles finishing up a Hybrid Conservatory theatrical course - I travelled here on my own at nineteen to follow the ever-growing need as an artist and I cannot stress how passionate I am for my growth and understanding of not just my craft but myself as a human being. I think in order to be the best and find success you need to be open to the constancy of growth and knowledge. With that said, I know full well from my own experiences that not all have the means or support for training and there is nothing wrong with that! You just have to have the diligence to go out on your own and make every opportunity one you can learn from.

5  What and/or who are your inspirations?

     A:         I adore the classics from Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra. But if I could dedicate my aspirations to anyone I would have to say the big role models for me are the independent people I have been blessed to meet. The people who have come from diversity, soldiering through their trials and tribulations yet have the courage to follow their dreams, standing for what believe in! They are the kind of people who have the ability to change your life, altering the way you see the world.

6 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
   A:        In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends or occasionally I will go to the cinemas and enjoy a little alone time - that is where my love for the screen grew! You can just chill out and be completely immersed in the story unfolding in front of your eyes.  I enjoy reading too – hours can fly by and I'll still have my nose in a good ‘Post-apocalyptic romance’ novel! 

7  As a musician, what instrument/s do you play?

    A:         I dabble in a few instruments, primarily guitar.   But my main cherished instrument is my voice. I haven’t always been able to hold a tune - let me assure you of the years my family heard only notes dogs could hit! I started singing in school choirs which eventually progressed to opportunities to singing in public events like the Sydney Opera House and then as the years progressed and I found the platform of my own sound I started really excelling in all things to do with singing! The past four years I have worked in productions with incredible musical scores and vocal coaches who have guided me extensively. I am currently at a point of my career where I am starting to work on my own songs and as I grow so does my repertoire.

8  Do you have a stage name?

    A:           My last name is ‘Hall’ – but I chose just to have my first two names ‘Elizabeth Grace’ as my stage name as I wanted the definition of my name to be completely original to myself. It is a constant reminder to me that I worked and will continue to do so off my own back to get where I am and where I know I will be. Plus my family name is a personal part of me that I hold sacred and call it selfish but I choose to not share that part of me with the world. It remains a constant reminder of where I came from.

9  Have you ever been bullied?

    A:         Unfortunately I have been bullied as many of us have. Especially growing up as a girl it can be hard as it is extremely critical and judgemental - filled with other girls who are feeling the same way as you are and yet they feel it appropriate to belittle and diminish others around them.  This business is a harsh one too - as so many prospective aspects are based upon ‘how you look’ it really is a cut throat experience to handle rejection and disappointment. People watch from the outside judging what they see not understanding what you may be going through or who you truly are, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to deal with the haters who have no vision in my future and even find it necessary to tell me so. 

It is a battle not just with them but also with yourself because as soon as you let self-doubt creep its little claws into your heart, it can hinder your perseverance and in turn be toxic! That is why I have found it very rewarding to remove those types of people from my life, let them go their own way – I go mine and instead fill my days with people who understand and respect one another. I believe your life is a reflection of the people in it.

10 Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

      A:         Our society is slowly but surely becoming more aware of the issues in schools and finding pro-active actions in stopping bullying. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in school myself - as well as spending the last three years as a part time job I taught at a dance school - I have seen first-hand how bullies work and now that victims are being taught that it is okay to come forward for they do not have to put up with such cowardice from others the image of a bully has been distorted and they are no longer perceived as cool or funny. The smart ones are the ones that don’t bully – be the kind of person you want to attract. If I had a child come to me throughout one of his or her dance classes telling me they had been bullied in one way or another I would get both of them in front of the entire class and make them explain to me what happened and why, then apologise. Oh how embarrassed and silly they would feel! Of course it is not so easy to make everyone hold hands and skip into the sunset once you deal with our older generation. I have had dear friends of mine take their own lives because of bullying and peer pressure and it shocks the community. What has our world come to? Why should it take such drastic measure to remind us to think before we speak? What happened to do onto others as you would have them do onto you?

With that frustration comes a HUGE need for acceptance and I believe that changing the views in our young must first stem from the notion in our older generation. Our children will be what you teach them and one day you will have to answer to them as they are the future. Praise one another for your differences and accept that change is inevitable and you can choose to fight it alone or raise your hands in support.

11 What more do you feel the above could do to either reduce bullying hugely or eliminate it altogether?

      A:         If you find that you fall under a lot of these issues and are being bullied I would like to personally invite you to be my friend because I can assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I do not condone bullying and neither does the majority of this world but whatever you are feeling will make you stronger in the future – remember you are capable of more than you believe, you are stronger than they make you feel and that there are people who want to listen and support you. Find a networking of love and kindness because there is such a thing!

12 What is on your agenda for the rest of 2014?

       A:         Well I am in LA for the next month finishing up my stay here - then mid July I will be flying home to my beloved Australia. To visit my family and friends, hopefully put down some roots and study some more, find those experiences to broaden my horizons and build upon a solid platform of creative work.

13 Do you have a special message that you would like to share with the world?
      A:           If I could leave you with anything, I would want it to be that no matter who you are, where you may be or what you are battling through – remember you are not alone. Most importantly privy to what bullies make you believe, you are stronger than you know and you will come out on top if only you believe in the beauty of what makes you different. Find those supportive networks and find refuge in those who are there to help.



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