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1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background;

                           A:          I was born in Perth, Western Australian and came across to Adelaide , South Australia when I was nine years old and pretty much have been here ever since. I’m Aboriginal Australian and have been involved in the entertainment industry for the last fourteen years.

2                   You are an actor and recording artist.  Have you always wanted to be an entertainer or did you want to do something else when you were younger?

                      A:             Well growing up I always wanted to play AFL footy, started playing Aussie Rules when I was five years old along with my younger brother in Perth.  I had that dream up until I was seventeen years old then I started to change interest when I got introduced to music and drama in which I loved both ever since.

     3               Who and/or what are your inspirations?

                           A:                First and foremost I would have to say my parents. They have supported me 100 percent from day one in any dream or path way I have wanted to go down which makes it easy to follow your dream with that kind of support in your corner and just the simple fact I had a wonderful up bringing.  Growing up they taught me the rights and wrongs of life which has really shaped me into the man I am today. Plus they taught me you can achieve anything if you put your heart and soul into it and work hard.

4                         As a recording artist, you are in a group.  Please tell us about that;

                    A:               Yeah I was in a hip hop group called 'TDB' - aka 'Tha Deadly Boyz' along with my cousin Michael Collard.   We started the group in 2006 - had a pretty good ran , with some highlights and success on along way but then in 2012 we chose to go in other directions, which had me becoming a solo artist which in turn wasn’t such a bad move, as I have gone on to recording and have released three albums with my 3rd being my new album “Shine”.

5                        You also own a film production company.  How and when did you start that?

                   A:              I started my production company which is called “Firestick Films” in late 2012 - just purely for the fact I wanted to write and produce films that I was interested in. Also for the reason of writing and producing films that would allow more Aboriginal actors to play mainstream characters in mainstream stories which I feel we don’t have enough off here in Australia.

      6             Have you produced many films to date? 

                          A:                 At this stage the production company is still very fresh but we have produced our debut film called “Friendship Love and Loyalty” which is a co-production with the Australian Film Academy - it’s a drama/romance film which we shot in May  2014 and it was directed by Maryanne Paterson , written and co- produced my myself along with Marie Press and stars Kylie Farmer, Maha Wilson , Stinga T, Ezra Junata and Christopher Facey. Currently we are in post-production and looking for a realise date in 2015. So yeah this is the first film of many to come from 'Firestick Films'.

7                   Have you won any awards? 

        A:                  I’ve won few awards but my highlights would probably be winning a Aboriginal Urban Bump award for Best Male Artist  in 2013 and Best Actor award for my role as 'Crewcut'  in feature film “49”.

 8                                      Have you done many media interviews?

                                             A:                               While as a member of hip hop group 'TDB' we did a hell of a lot , not so much as a solo artist just for the fact I have really knuckled down and worked on getting my films out to the public - but I’m sure when they are released I’ll be back at it.

9                          As an actor, do you have a stage name?

                 A:              Yes I do.  It's “Stinga T” which doubles as my hip hop name as well - or what I like to call my entertainment name cause these days I’m in everything - not just music.

10                  You are also a rapper.  What other styles do you enjoy?

                  A:            I like a bit of everything to tell you the truth.   I’m all about emotion when it comes to music so if there's a song that catches that emotion then you can be sure I would probably like it.  My favourite music would be Hip hop/Rnb but its nice to change it up so Ill listen to Soul, Pop, Rock, Jazz, even Country not too bad as well.

11                  As a musical and dance group, have you toured the nation at all? 

                     A:               As a solo artist I’m yet to do a proper tour for my music but would love the chance to be able to do that at sometime but right now I’m focussed on breaking my music into the USA.  I feel, along with my team, that the USA is the place that would fit the kinda of hip hop music I do.

12                                 Are you professionally managed or do you represent yourself?

                 A:              No - currently at this point I have no management so I do represent myself most of the time - however I do also work close with Damien Reilly,  the CEO of Blue Pie Records here in Sydney, with the mean aim to break me in the USA.  So if any big contracts come through he would be the man to look over the contracts.

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