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1     Please tell us a little bit about your background:

      A:     Well, my name is Alison Moir.  I am twenty six years old and I live in my flat in Scotland with my cat.  I have two sisters.  I love doing acting and helping people who need it - helping kids too - they are the ones who need it, more than us.  My life is not as good as a kid because a lot of bad things have happened to me but things are getting a lot better now.  Some day I want to come to Australia - that is somewhere I want to come to and help people there and all over the planet too.  Because kids need to be happy - not sad.

2     You are an actor.  Have you always aspired to be an entertainer?  Or did you want to be something else when you were growing up?

       A:     Yes, I always wanted to be an entertainer.  Something told me you need to be an entertainer because you can help people in some way and I always wanted to be an actor because that helped me out to feel a lot better about myself and if I did not have my acting, I do not know what I would have in life.  But I am always getting told that I am a good actor and do not stop being an actor.  But being an entertainer is good fun because I have to do some acting in some way.

3     Who and/or what are your inspirations?

       A:       I feel that inspiration and motivation is all important because you need to have two of them but some people may feel that you just need one of them.  But to me you need the two because this will help people out to find out how they are and how to feel a lot better about themselves.  Because this did help me out in a way - I had the two to help me and this will help more people.

4     Are you professionally trained in your acting?

       A:      In a way - yes - and in some ways - no, because I did some acting in seven short films to help people out with their understanding of something in life and what things can happen to people and things which can help them get to the hospital.  I went to RSAMD for three terms.  I have done my NC but I just passed in my acting things.  I was in 'River City' two times and a sporting actor for a film that came out last year - and a TV commercial.  Also a theatre group but I hope to get all the things I need to be an actor.

5    Are you professionally represented or do you manage yourself?

      A:      Yes, I do represent for people to help them, who need more understanding about things that they may not know about and this can help them out to find out a lot more things.  And yes I manage myself for doing this but sometimes I need the help of spelling things out but all the things I need to do for it I can do all by myself.

6    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

      A:        My acting in my theatre group, go swimming, singing, helping people out who need it, dancing, watching movies, being with my cat, seeing my wee sister.

7    Have you ever been bullied?

      A:        Yes - I have been bullied all my life.  It first started when I was just a little girl staying with my gran and my papa and they bullied me because I was staying with my gran and my papa.  They would say bad things to me like:  'You do not stay with your mum and dad and they do not love you'.  They would hit me on my face and one time they put me on a lamp post and tied me up and left me there and it was my papa who found me.  They threw snowball stones on the windows and one time they put fireworks in the letter box and my papa phoned up the police who said they can't do anything for us.  I was staying in a kids' home later on and I got bullied there too, about my height and my nose - always calling me big nose.  And I got bullied in school too and I did not have friends at school, just me.  Now things are getting a bit better - but still looking for friends.

8    Whether you have been bullied or not do you feel that the governments and schools around the world are doing enough to try to combat this problem?

          A:         No. I feel that the governments and the schools are not doing enough to stop the bullying all over the world and there are a lot of kids out there who need the help because they have been bullied and no-one is going to help them like the governments and schools.  But people like us do want to help the kids out because we are the ones who need to help them because no-one from the governments or the schools are going to help the kids.  Some of them may say they do not want to live any more because they cannot stand it any more and I feel it is the governments and the schools who are to blame because of the kids need to feel they need to get out of their lives because of the bullying they are going through.

9   What further do you feel that the above could do to either decrease this problem hugely or eliminate it altogether?

       A:      Well, they need to go to schools and speak to the kids at the schools about bullying and see why some kids are doing the bullying because it needs to be something why they do it.  They need to do some groups about bullying and do some fun games to help the ones who get bullied and the ones who are doing it to some of the kids.  Some who are doing the bullying need to go to a new school until they are happier and the kids who get bullied - they will be a bit happier as they will not get bullied in school any more.  They may need to do holidays with the kids to help them all who got bullied and the ones who are doing it because they may be a lot happier because they need to help one and this can help them to be happy with life.

10  On a personal level what would you like to do to help in the fight against bullying?

       A:    Help kids who have been bullied or not like doing games about bullying and do some groups to help them all to work together and this will help them to be happy and they can some time help kids like them and later on their life they can do the same to help more kids like them.  I will do campaigns for the kids - saying 'no more bullying for kids'.  Kids need to be happy, not sad.  They need a life, not a bad one and I will go to the governments and schools to say we need to do something right now - not later on.  And say what about holidays for the kids to help them understand about bullying and why it is so bad to do it to someone.  So about games that they need to help together and this can help them all be happy kids and maybe like me, I can go on the holidays with the kids to help them and tell my story about my life with bullying because I want all kids on the planet to be happy.

11   What advice would you give to someone who is suffering through this nightmare at the moment?

        A:    I know what you are going through because I had it done to me and like no-one help me to stop the bullying but you can because you can tell your mum or dad or the police.  You stay in and maybe you can ask them why are you bullying me because I did not do things to you.  They may be needing a friends because things might not be going well with him or her.  But do not do it alone - you may need someone with you there.  But if you can't do that do not feel bad about it and if they can't help him/her and they are still bullying you can go and do some games to help more people who have been bullied like you.  And you do not need to say:  'I can't live life like this' because if you go to groups to help you to do more about bullying and going out to do fun things you like to  with your new friends - and you will be happy, kid.

12   Have you done any media interviews?

       A:     I can't remember if I did any media interviews before but I think I did one - but I do not know.

13   Have you worked with any well-known names?

       A:      George Mackay and Antonia Thomas.

14    Do you have a stage name?

        A:      I do not have one but I got one for myself and it is called Xena.

15    What is on your agenda for the rest of 2014?

        A:    I am not doing a lot on 2014.

16    Do you have anything further you would like to add?

        A:   I hope one day I can come to Australia to see somewhere new that I have not been before.

17    Do you have a special message you would like to share with the world?

        A:   I want to help all kids all over the planet to be happy and not sad and I want them to have a better life and hope one day no kids will go through (what I went through) as all kids have to be fair and some day we will be together to stop the bullying and all kids will be happy.

18   Do you have any professional links you would like to have included with this interview?

         A:    I do not have one but if I can I want one saying:  no more bullying and have kids who are working together to stop the bullying.

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