Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Believe me these Huntsman spiders could grow to be the most gigantic sizes.  Another I recall was on the ground just outside our then station office.  It was my favourite day of the week - Saturday - mail day - YES.  The long awaited mail bag had arrived and I was about to enter the office when I saw yet another - thing - right in front of me, on the ground.  It was one very pregnant spider - well, it was either pregnant or dangerously obese.  Poor thing (make the most of the sympathy, spider) could barely move and was trying to make its way to the nearest pole or wall for safety.  This sympathy got the better of me because I was actually prepared to allow it to find its haven of safety - OK so I was too scared to move - but did keep an eagle eye on it and didn't move until it stopped.  But the whole problem was suddenly 'solved' when one of my brothers came up behind me and asked what was wrong.  He hadn't seen the spider (he must have been blind - how in the hell could he miss it) and as he didn't actually stop walking, stepped right on the mother to be.  Now I have never witnessed anything like this before - what seemed like thousands and thousands of teensy weensy spiders just spread out like a great black blanket.  And up everything in sight - including my legs.  Not exactly a pleasant experience but at least they didn't scare me anything like their mother would have had she tried that and I got rid of many of them, accidentally on purpose, just by stomping around.  In hindsight I realise this was actually incredibly cruel of me but at the time all I could think about was the fact that they were only little babies and would eventually grow up into monsters, like their mother.  And their father - now where in the heck was he?  No thanks.  While I did kill many of them there was not a chance in hell that I killed the lot.

But wait - there's still more - stay tuned -

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