Thursday, October 18, 2012


I can still remember Mum coming in for breakfast and sporting a monster on her shoulder.  My seat was next to hers and I was the idiot who noticed it - Mum immediately swept it off her shoulder and realising I was in direct firing aim I reversed in one hell of a hurry, knocking down anything and everything in my path.  I was safe though - so was the spider.  It was taken outside and given its freedom.  In summer I was always too scared to move a picture, a curtain, almost anything for fear of disturbing spiders which were probably only hiding cos they were just as scared of me as I was of them.  

I think the first time I noticed another spider away from the station, was, believe it or not, when one was sitting fair in the middle of my bed at boarding school.  It was in a building that I had always felt was new enough not to have spiders anywhere near it - still not sure about my logic with this theory.  But just to deviate momentarily - I realised some years ago that this is one very strong consideration I have always taken into account when looking at possible new homes.  Which, to many, would possibly be very correctly labelled as paranoia - but so what!  Anyway, back to this scenario.  In those days there was a large lack of vegetation around that building and, to my way of thinking, only buildings that are surrounded by lots of vegetation or similar are those that attract spiders - these big, horrible, hairy ones.  So sorta got the fright of my life (OK - another fright of my life) when I walked into that dormitory and saw that - thing - standing in the middle of my bed.  I don't remember anything more than going into a complete 'spaz attack', the sort of which would normally have me committed.  To this day, knowing how well I was liked among my peers (ie I wasn't) I do suspect that the spider was actually planted.  I'll never know.

Stay tuned.

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