Saturday, October 13, 2012


Another incident occurred during my childhood, still up on our station.  This one occurred in 'nextdoors' loo'.  Our own two loos must have been in use.  My uncle used to have a pile of magazines (questionable nature - downright dirty actually) kept next to the loo.  I remember sitting, minding my own business, 'reading' one of these magazines, when over the top appeared one hideously horrible, long, hairy, brown leg, followed by another, then another.  Again I screamed blue murder and just - ran.  I did have to open the door to get out but for the life of me I cannot recall doing that, so I have often wondered whether I didn't just run straight through it - like they do in cartoons.  I don't really think so though but I know I would have run like the devil again - down the path and was half way when I suddenly realised that - again - I was not quite correctly dressed.  My top half was fine but everything from the waist down was in a heap around my ankles.  While I didn't exactly worry about that at the time, since then I have to wonder how the jolly heck did I run like that, with both my pants twisted around my ankles.  No audience this time though and I do not believe I screamed - as much.  I did scream but not as much.  

Stay tuned.

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