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1                   Please tell us a little bit about your background.

    A:   I’m a 20 year old student from Houston, TX in the United States. I grew up in Houston. I went to Foster High School and graduated in May 2011.  I will graduate from Texas A&M University in May 2014 with a degree in Communications and Journalism. I wanted to move to Los Angeles, CA as soon as I graduated, but I don’t have the money for it. I am hoping to start graduate school in August 2014 and get a Masters Degree in Counselling. I have a younger brother and my parents. 

2                   You are a model, actor, musician and singer.  Have you worked with any celebrities?

    A:     The only celebrities I have worked with are Daniel Baldwin (Alec Baldwin’s brother), Lorenzo Llamas, Josh Danziger and Oleysa Rulin.

3                   Can you tell us what projects you have worked in?

    A:     I have done two commercials; one was for Hope Pregnancy Center and I was a pregnant teen and the other was for Houston Community College - which I was a student. I have just finished working on my first feature film called 'Urban Myths'. I play the lead role named Mary. It is coming into some local theatres and on Netflix. I was an extra in a Lifetime movie called 'A Little Christmas Business' and on a television show called 'Hired'. Other than that, I have been leads in multiple short films and have done over ten musicals. I played a rape victim in a PSA for the Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition. I just got the news that I am officially the spokesperson for the Crisis Intervention of Houston, so now I can share my story.

4                   Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry or what else did you aspire to be as a child and teen?

          A:   I’ve always known I wanted to be in the acting industry. I was an extremely quiet and shy kid, so no one knew that’s what I wanted to do. I would go to dance performances at my school and just sit in the audience bawling my eyes out because I wanted to be on stage so bad. I finally told my parents when I was about in fourth grade and I got into an acting agency. Now that I’m older, I want to become a licensed professional therapist so that I can work as an independent therapist and have my own independent practice.

5               Are any of your family in ‘showbiz’?  Now or in the past?

                A:  That’s the funny thing. My family has NO performing talent                        whatsoever. They don’t play any instruments. I play three. They                      don’t sing, dance, act or model. They have zero experience of                        doing anything of that nature. I have no idea where all my passion                came from for acting!

6                   Are you managed professionally or do you represent yourself?

     A:   My manager is Shaun McFarland at Neal Hamil Agency in             Houston, Texas. He has only gotten me one audition since I have       been with him over the past year. I am currently looking for a new         agency. I have gotten every single one of my jobs by myself, by           putting myself out there and going to auditions.

7          Have you ever been bullied?

             A:   I have been bullied only emotionally and verbally, never                          physically. When I was in high school, people would call me names              in the hallway. I was on the yearbook staff in high school and all of                the other staff would write nasty letters and hang them up in my                      locker for me to see. When I would walk down the halls, people                      would turn their heads and start talking to their friends, while I could              overhear everything they were saying. It was nowhere near a bad of              bullying as other people, but it really took a toll on me.

8                   Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools worldwide are doing enough to combat this act?

A:     I don’t feel like the government and schools are doing anything to combat bullying. In the movie Cyberbully, the girl who was being bullied went to the school and they said they couldn’t do anything about it because she wasn’t being bullied on school property, even though it was her classmates who were bullying her. I think the schools should have a strict tolerance for bullying and that people should be suspended or expelled if they get caught bullying someone. I think the government should do more and make laws against every type of bullying.

9                   What more do you feel they could be doing to either decrease bullying hugely or eliminate it altogether?

              A:        I think students should get in serious trouble with the school              is they bully someone while at school. I think cyberbullying is                        become more apparent these days because kids are more likely to              say things over the internet since it’s not to someone’s face. There                should be more awareness about bullying in general. Posters and                fliers should be up around school and communities. Counsellors                 should prepare talks on them and present it to middle school and                   high school students. I also think the government should play a                     bigger role in bullying since it is such a widely-known problem.                     People should get in trouble with the law if they are caught bullying               someone else.

10              You have also suffered from a medical condition.  Would you be happy to tell us all about that at all?

              A:     I’ve suffered from an eating disorder for ten years. I’ve                            struggled with anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, depression and suicide.              I developed anorexia when I was ten because I felt like I didn’t fit in                with my peers and I thought that being skinny would help me fit in. I             have been in multiple types of treatment and hospitals, but I was                   forced to go so it would never work because I didn’t want to get                       better. I knew that either this disorder would kill me or I would kill                   myself, so I made the choice and put myself in a residential                           treatment center for eating disorders. I got a scholarship to help pay               for treatment, bought my plane ticket and went to Florida for                           treatment. It was the best decision I ever made. I can now say that                 after ten years, I am on my way to being fully recovered.
11       What and/or who are your inspirations?

             A:    Demi Lovato is my biggest inspiration. We have gone through                extremely similar things and I can relate to her so much. I am her                  biggest fan. I see what she has gone through and watch her staying              strong. She is my motivation to stay strong. When I feel alone, I                      listen to her music and I don’t feel alone anymore. Acting is also a                huge inspiration for me. It is what keeps me going. When I am                        acting, I am at my happiest. When I was really sick, I would try and                do acting, but I would never get any jobs because I was so out of it. I              couldn’t remember lines to scripts, I didn’t remember where I was                  supposed to go half of the time. Now that I am in recovery, I have                 been way more successful with my acting career because I am                     actually capable of performing. I’m not worried about fainting or                     passing out on stage or on set anymore.

12      As a musician, do you play any instruments?

             A:    I joined the concert band at my school when I was in fifth grade.              I have played in a concert band since I was ten. I’ve played the flute              for ten years and continued with band for my first two years in                        college. I’ve also played the piano for about six years and the guitar              for a little over year. I want to eventually write my own songs for the                guitar and have them recorded.

13         Have you had professional training in any of your talents?

             A:      For acting, I have just taken classes at my agency and have                 taken private lessons. I just had my first voice lesson yesterday and             it went great! I haven’t really had any major training besides at Mayo             Hill Center for Modelling and Acting and classes with Deke                             Anderson.

14        What do you enjoy doing in your ‘spare’ time?

        A:   My best friend Malinda and I are inseparable. We live together          and do everything together. We wake up every morning at 6am and          go to the gym. We work out for an hour and then do a daily                          devotional and pray. We also love to go to three or four different                restaurants in one day and order a different food from each place.            We would get an appetizer at one, then an entrée, then dessert at              another restaurant. I really enjoy yoga – it is so stress relieving!                Painting and running are also hobbies of mine too.

15        What is next in the pipeline for Caitlyn Moore?

              A:   I don’t really know what pipeline means, but I’ll try to answer                   this question! HA. I am flying out to Los Angeles, California to film a              TV show called Copycat. It is a reality singing television series. I                    have to perform Skyscraper by Demi Lovato and I have a chance of              winning $5,000. It will air on MTV in the spring. Also, my new feature            film Urban Myths comes out on January 30! It will soon be on Netflix.

16      Where do you see your career in ten years’ time?

             A:   My ultimate dream for my career would be living in Los                             Angeles, California and working as a professional actress. In reality,             I hope to just be more widely known across America. I want to                         release a cd of my music after I eventually write some songs down. I             hope to be in many more feature films as well! Regardless, I just                   hope to be acting in some way for the rest of my life.

17              Do you have a message you would like to impart to the

             A:   Sometimes it seems that life won’t get any better. I am living                    proof that things DO get better. Things may not always go the way                that you planned, but it all works out in the end. God has a plan for                each and everyone one of us. Always remember that you are                          beautiful no matter what you look like, and that it’s what’s on the                    inside that counts. Do what makes YOU happy. Do what you want                  to do- not what other people want you to do. Stay strong.  

18              Is there anything further you would like to add?

             A:  There is hope for everyone, no matter what you are struggling                  with. Don’t be ashamed to speak up and speak out. You are never                alone.


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