Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top of Form


1      Please tell us a little bit about your background:

        A:  I am an 18 year old student studying business at the University of Calgary. I am involved in one film class at school and volunteer at the school's television program. Growing up I had always wanted to be involved with film whether it was being in front or behind the camera. Being on screen had generally interested me more but I never knew if I was capable of being in front of the camera due to my reserved personality. I had wanted to change this so that's when I decided to upload videos to YouTube. YouTube gave me the opportunity to allow people from all across the world to see my videos when I was in the safe environment in my own home. From these videos (mainly trick shot videos), a German Web Clip show asked if they could share my videos on their television show, showcasing my talent. As well, I was offered to help film a promo for a certain drink brand, but being on opposite sides of the world I wasn't able to follow through with the opportunity.

2     Have you always wanted to be in the entertainment industry or did you aspire to do something else when you were younger?
       A:  I had always wanted to be in the entertainment industry but never knew if I would. I was a fairly reserved child growing up and with many family members being involved in business, I felt that I would follow the same path.

3    Is anyone else in your family/relations in ‘showbiz’?
      A:   No, I am the only one that really has an interest in this industry.

4    What do you enjoy doing in your ‘spare’ time?
      A:   In my spare time I enjoy golfing, working on future videos and just hanging out with friends.

5     Have you ever been bullied?
       A:   Yes I have been bullied. During elementary/ junior high school one of my best friends had suddenly changed over the summer before we both attended a new school. He found new friends and would constantly tease me and pick on me which would make me want to go home for lunch everyday and spend as little time possible I could at the school. For the entire year (grade. 7), I felt uncomfortable in my surroundings and it only changed when I had moved to a different city the following summer. The move wasn't about being bullied rather my father getting a new job.

6      Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel the governments and schools world wide are doing enough to try to combat this act?
        A:  No, I do not. Far too many people have been bullied in their lifetimes and the consequences that these bullies get are little to nothing. I think bullies don't understand the pain they are giving these individuals which causes no change in behaviour. 

7    What more do you feel the above could be doing to try to either decrease bullying hugely, or eliminate it completely?
      A:    I would like for bullies to realize the pain they are causing others, so that they would realize that the things they are doing is wrong. I would like for them to be more involved in the community like volunteering at a homeless shelter or food bank, so that they can see a different side of life and possibly change their perspective on life.

8    What are your long term hopes and goals for your career?
       A:  My long term hopes for my career is to pursue film and earn a living from this industry. I would love to be involved in a feature film one day and continue to learn more about cameras and production.

9    What is on the agenda for Andrew Borys for 2014?
      A:  For 2014, I would like to complete my first year of University and get a summer job within the film industry.


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