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TRACEY CHANTEL:  aka 'QUEEN of Indie Artists & Promotions',
Radio Host, Talent Aquist., Author and Web Designer

            Please tell us a little bit about your background.
             A:  Tracey Chantel Marshall was born in Harlem and raised in the infamous                         Queensbridge Housing                           Projects by her single mother,                                     Ms. Marshall - her father passed away when she was 2 years old.  She is                                  the middle daughter of two sisters, Monique & Kelley. She has one daughter,                      Charmaine and four (4)                             bright & talented grandchildren  -                                Mhaki,  Naimah, Tariah & Zedekiah.

     Tracey Chantel - aka the "QUEEN of Indie Artist Promotions" - has been involved              in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, providing platforms for Indie Artists              to perform and developing a strong possession for the business. Being very                       familiar with the “business” side of handling and overseeing the music industry                   recording processes and other related business projects related within the industry             she has utilized and strengthened her creative skills in creating, managing,                           marketing, coordinating, directing, planning and promoting. Her experiences and               knowledge have enhanced her ability to operate her own entertainment businesses               independently for over 25 years. 

2             You are a woman of many talents.  Would you like to tell us about some these?

A:  For over 25 yrs I have worn and still wear many hats as Singer, Talent Director, Manager, Producer, Owner of my own Talent Agency (Tracey Chantel Talent Agency), Founder & Executive Director of an Educational/Entertainment Youth Awareness Program; ( Village of Inspired People, (V.I.P.) ), Radio Host & Show Programmer of my own show “The Access to Arising Artists Show” & Author/Publisher of  my first handbook; “How To Get Started As An Independent Recording Artist On Your Own”. 

3             Have you always wanted to be in “showbiz” or did you aspire to be something else in your childhood and youth?

A:  Yes, when I was a young girl at the age of 7 I was taking my little “record player” that I received for xmas and getting in a corner and play records to write the lyrics to.  I loved the Motown sound but I loved Doo Wop.  I would get in the mirror holding a brush and sing and as I got older in my teens I would be in the hallways with my friends, young guys who were about 2-3 years older than me and we would sing doo wop for fun.  I always visualized myself on the 'Soul Train Show' and sitting in the audience at the music awards.   I participated in talents shows at my schools and at my community center in Queensbridge as well as the 'Wheelchair Classic Talent Show which was founded by Mr. Hank Carter.

4             Is anyone else in your family in the entertainment industry at all?

A:   Not directly - I have one cousin, Reggie Wells, who is well known as a DJ and promoter.

5           How did you become all the things that you are?

A:    By determination, faith and belief.

6            Who and/or what are your inspirations?

A:      My Mother was my first inspiration - she is very artistically talented.  Watching her paint, draw, do sculpture, design jewelry and seeing that she was happy doing what she was doing; gave me the drive to set a goal, stay focussed and go for what made me feel good to do.   My other inspirations were watching the Jackson 5 as young children perform on TV, enjoying performing on stage and (as I became older)  to give back to the community  to those who inspire to become an artist and provide the various platforms for them to receive recognition and exposure. 

7         Are you represented by an agency or do you represent yourself?

A:  No I’m not represented by anyone  - I represent myself.

8        As a Radio Host, have you interviewed many celebrities?

         A:     Yes, I’ve interviewed several celebrities i.e;   Kurtis Blow (Rapper), Havoc (Rapper), Baby Sham (Rapper of group - Flip Mode Squad), Shazaam Conner (R&B Artist; Group - H-Town), Jaz O (He helped get Jay Z's career off the ground) -  that’s just to name a few.

9      Have you ever been bullied?

A:       Yes, I have.  When I was in elementary school - it wasn’t extreme but it happened.

10     If you have, would you be prepared to talk about it?

A:      Yes, of course.

11      Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools internationally are doing enough to combat this problem?  
A:  I feel the government has just recently started focussing directly on this issue due to the rise in “suicidal” incidents by children who were being bullied.  Parents are more involved in establishing various programs and groups to combat this issue which opt the government to get more involved. This has not always been the case - you never heard in the media or within the school system about the issue of bullying.

12       What more do you feel they could be doing to either decrease bullying hugely – or stop it completely?

A:  First, I think the school chancellors could implement some type of program within the schools that will work with the bullies to see why is that they feel they have to taunt another child.  See if they have issues that they are dealing with at home or within themselves.  I feel dealing directly with the bullies will help in decreasing the issue of bullying.

13         Do you have children?  If so, are they following your career path or what are they doing?

A:  Yes, I have one child, my daughter Charmaine.  She started at a younger age being more involved in dancing - modern, jazz, ballet & hip-hop.  However, as she became older she was interested in Cosmetology and now she’s in the medical field.  She has four (4) beautiful children who all excel in school.

14          You are also an Author.  Are you self published?

A:    Yes I am.

15        How many books do you have published and what are their titles?

A:      I published one (1) book and its title is How To Get Started As An Independent Recording Artist On Your Own.

16         What genre do you prefer to write in?

A:           This was a spontaneous act on my part.  I never even thought or had the desire to write a book but I attended a seminar and the speaker challenged everyone to write a book within 30 days - I did it in two (2) weeks.  I thought I would write about various types of resources and tools aspiring artists can use to jumpstart their music career.

17       What do you envisage for your career in ten years time?

A:  I vision my future to be involved in the entertainment industry on a different level - providing more opportunities for aspiring artists and at the same time being able to help others (more so kids) in need by providing funding, a hand or any other type of assistance that would make their lives a better one.

18      What is next in the pipeline for Tracey Chantel?

A:  I’m working on re-launching my Educational/Entertainment Youth Awareness Program, continuance building of my promotional service, expanding my radio show and being involved in a first time ever launching of a Independent Artist League.

19    Do you have a message you would like to impart to the world?

A:  Yes, I would like to say if you have a dream don’t ever give up on it no matter how long it takes to make it a reality.  Also, remember always to give a hand to those who are need and not as fortunate.

20    Is there anything else you would like to add?

A:    I would like to say I love what I do within the entertainment industry.  I have always financed my own projects, not that I really had it to give, but once I feel strongly in my heart to do something that I feel will have a positive impact on others I just do it.  That makes me feel good.

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