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1     Please tell us a little bit about your background.

       A:        I was born an only child to affluent parents and had everything a child could want.  Having no siblings, I was on my own a lot so I had to learn to entertain myself from an early age with my imagination. I grew up sailing, boating and waterskiing and I loved (and still do) the outdoors.  I read a lot and used my imagination to play. This really helped me later on in my acting career. Before getting serious about acting, I studied Interior Design in college and later became a professional home stager. I have always loved design and art.  I got my first easel and pastels for my eighth birthday. My mother encouraged my love of drawing from a very young age. I still love to paint today.

2     You are an actor and a model.  Are you professionally trained in both?

             A:      I was professionally trained as a model in my teens. I was very shy and quiet and my mother thought that this would boost my self-esteem. When I was 17 my picture was featured on a 10 foot Billboard at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto. It was there for a couple of years. That same year I won a beauty contest and became Miss Canadian Heritage 1980.

     Although not professionally trained as an actor, I have been doing theatre since middle school, and have done quite a bit of community theatre over the years, not to mention radio and television interviews. This gave me quite a bit of experience. I do quite a lot of different character voices and my biggest goal is to voice cartoon characters. I also love to write.

      English Lit was my favorite course in school. I mostly write children’s fairy poems but recently delved into some darker poetry, which was inspired by my friend who was in an abusive marriage for 20 years and finally got the courage to leave.

 3     Have you ever wanted to be anything else in life?

        A:    When I was much younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian - however, I had difficulty with the math.

 4    Are any of your family/relations in showbiz?

        A:    My cousin's daughter is a professional singer in a band.

5   Have you acted in any major productions - stage, TV or big screen?

           A:    I recently performed in the short horror film:  'M is for Madame Kali', written by award winning director Jazz Virk.  We were entered in the ABCs of Death Horror competition and although we didn't win, we came in 16th place world wide.  Last summer I was in the televised play 'When it All Falls Down' by Natalie Miller and sang back up vocals for 'Milky Whites and the Bluesmen' on their new album.

     6    Who or what are your inspirations?

      A:         I am inspired by nature and by people who are kind. I admire Ellen Degeneres and her “Be Kind to One Another” motto. People are always so rushed and stressed these days and I think they forget that other people have feelings too. My mother took me to the ballet quite a bit when I was a child and I knew I wanted to dance and be on the stage from an early age. They were so glamorous with their hair buns and tights. I also loved Phyllis Diller and the early comediennes of the day. I saw Joan Rivers in Toronto when I was 19 and I thought right then that I wanted to be funny. I love comedy and I love to make people laugh.

7    How were you discovered?

        A:    I put up a STARNOW profile and started going to auditions but it was really the work on 'M Is For Madame Kali' that put me on the radar. Since then, I have been scouted by two agencies and have been invited to audition on some new projects (one in New York!) by directors that have seen the film.

8      Do you have a management agency or do you represent yourself?

        A:      At this point in time, I represent myself, however, I am in talks with an agency.

9    Have you ever been bullied?

     A:      I was a shy, quiet, bespectacled girl with braces. I was popular and had friends in grade school but when my girlfriend died suddenly in Grade 6, I fell into a deep childhood depression that lasted for years. I became introverted and a bit of a loner. In high school, after the billboard came out, I was entered in a beauty contest by the modeling agency I was with and won. Unfortunately, some boys from my school were there and heckled me. When I went back to school, I was treated differently. We didn’t call it “bullying” in those days but without going into detail, it was. I remember crying after school a few times.    

10    Whether you have been bullied or not, do you feel that the governments and schools worldwide are doing enough to combat this act?

       A:   Well, I feel that violence has certainly escalated since the early 70’s but I don’t know if the government can help. I think it starts with the parents, teachers, schools etc. but if we can have bullying regulated as a crime (and after the Reteah Parsons case, I feel that it should be considered a crime), then perhaps it will help. I feel that the government is just too far removed and we have to get more up close and personal talking to these children to show them how wrong it is and how their actions will affect (effect?) others for their entire lives!

 11   What further do you feel could be done to help either decrease this problem or to eliminate it completely?

                   A:    I believe that social networking is a huge way to spread the word – facebook, twitter, TV, movies etc. but most importantly, teach your children kindness. Spread the word!

12   What are your aspirations for your career for the long term future?

       A:      My aspirations for my career are to be funny and kind and entertain people. I think we should all be more like Ellen Degeneres “Be kind to each other” is my motto.

13  What is next in the pipeline for Mari Sherkin? 

       A:     The pipeline?  I have a couple of projects lined up, including a stage play this spring.  And I want to cotinue to paint, write poetry, ride my horse, walk my dog and enjoy nature on my 54 acres of heaven.

14   Do you have a message that you would like to impart to the world?

       A:    Be kind to each other. Life is short – don’t wasted it with negative energy.

15  Is there anything further you would like to add?

      A:    Love yourself :o) No one will love you more!



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